Topic: LandscapesMushrooms: A graphic novel

more we learn about fungi, the more we realise how strange and complex they are. In this illustrated graphic novel, Holly O'Neil draws on thinking from Merlin Sheldrake, Sophie Chao, Robin Wall Kimmerer and Anna Tsing to imagine a mycological world hiding below the base of a matsutake mushroom. Pink moments spiral out from O'Neil's narrative and can been seen dotted throughout the pages of our latest special edition issue, in rhizomatic spirit.

By Holly O'Neil
A graphic Novel, with with panels showing a couple moving through a forest, trying to find mushrooms. In the final panel, they discover them. In the panels below, you find the conversations between the various strands of the mycelium itself. These are fragmentary, and describe worms coming through the soil, little phrases that say things like 'love you' and bits of binary.

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